Know Your Environment

This is a reading list for understanding the current environment we live in and challenging the accumulation of years’ worth of progressive propaganda, starting from a few years of age throughout institutional schooling and the modern office workspace.

I am not going to include the Great-Books-type list of reading – the Bible, Homer, Adam Smith, and the like. Those are of course very worthwhile, but are much more well-known than the following, so I assume that you’re aware of them.


How to engage: The Logic of Real Arguments

Onto the good stuff:

The Fundamental Premise (Roissy/Heartiste) (and much of the rest of the Chateau Heartiste blog)

Navigating the SMP (Rollo)

Survival of the Prettiest

The Red Queen

A Troublesome Inheritance

The Bell Curve

Basic Economics

The Underground History of American Education

The Closing of the American Mind

The Road to Serfdom

Liberal Fascism

The Forgotten Man

Illiberal Reformers

Darwin’s Black Box

The Rational Optimist and Evolution of Everything

The Failure of the New Economics: An Analysis of the Keynesian Fallacies





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